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Connecting Business Products and Services to Local Consumers:

MyCityMyLocal.com - Business Listing, Map

MyCityMyCoupon.com - Coupons, Offers, Sales Flyers

MyCityMyMenu.com - Restaurant Menu, Specials

Introducing 3 Websites to help Business Owners market their products, services and connect with local consumers. Consumers benefit by finding local business, shopping local and save.

What are MyCityMyLocal.com, MyCityMyCoupon.com,

MyCityMyMenu Websites All About?

Team at Cityscape has endeavored to bring a Marketing and Advertising Solution which is unlike anything on the market. True, there are plenty of Business Listing, Coupon and Deal websites, so what makes us different. Unlike most other websites, we are giving the Business Owner the tools to Self-Manage the Business Listing, Coupons and Flyers. You will get these great benefits for low cost: Self Manage Listing, Coupons and Flyers. Menu Low Overhead means Savings for you. FREE Standard Business Listing, Low Cost for advanced features No Extra Charges or Commissions. No Need to Offer Unprofitable Deals. You Keep all the Money. No Sales Pressure to Offer Deals which only make money for the Coupon Site. Build Repeat Clients, not One Time Deal Shoppers. Small Business Owner can offer Single or Multiple Page Flyers. Minimize delays in updates and changes. No Extra Charge to make an update to coupon or flyer. Coupons and Flyers in One Place. Available in All Major Canadian and US Cities. Mapping for Business. OnLine Directory Listings with Business Hours, Products and Services Information. Mobile App Coming Up Soon. Full Service to create images and manage coupons available.

Great Promotional Offers?

We are offering an excellent Promotional Offer which is so low that you canít go wrong. At these rates, it is almost like free. Talk to Our Sales Team NOW!!!

MyCityMyCoupon, MyCityMyLocal, MyCityMyMenu Features for Business?

Business Users can easily create, upload and manage their promotional offers via Coupons and Weekly Flyers. Restaurant owners can create on-line menus, update as often as needed. Some of the easy to use features of these websites: Business Users can create an account. List multiple businesses in the same account in North American Cities in Canada and USA. Create coupon templates. Publish coupons starting from 1 Week. Create sales flyers, from 1 Page to Multiple Pages. Publish Flyers from 1 week to multiple weeks. Link Coupons and Flyers to business listing website at MyCityMyLocal. Create restaurant menus at mycitymymenu, link your specials and offers to show beside your menu. Clean, Easy to use Interface. FREE Business Listing. Premium Business Listing to add business description, website link, business hours.

Features for Subscribers?

Website allows anyone to look for Coupons, Flyers, Deals on the website without creating an account. Users can subscribe to the website to access the full features such as:. Subscribers can create a personal account. Save Coupons, Email Coupons, Print Coupons. Share via FaceBook, Twitter and other Social Media Channels. Receive monthly emails with some of the relevant Coupons and Offers on the website. User can opt out at any time. Become a Business User at any time.

Earn Commissions?

This is a new Marketing Solution and we want all Business Owners across North America to know that they can use this website to Save Money, Increase Sales, Increase Business Exposure and do all this on their own time at low cost. We are looking for Sales Agents in Various Cities in Canada and USA, so it is a great opportunity to earn income on part or full-time basis. If you are a motivated, go-getter, team player and want to be part of this exciting new opportunity, please contact us.